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“One of the best decisions I have made for the business”.

The Your Business Success Program has been invaluable in helping me to grow my business. I actually don’t know how I would have expanded my business without it. I have used it in so many ways from sorting out payment terms for my customers that has greatly reduced my risk, to structuring an interview to help me select the right employees. The program provides the tools and structure required to correctly start, operate and grow any business, I would definitely recommend it to any business owner whether just starting out or wanting to grow their business. One of the best decisions I have made for the business..

Geoff Connor – Epping Electrical

“The YBS Program has been a great investment”

I have been in business for 11 years and thought I knew a lot about business. The Your Business Success Program has given me a fantastic insight into how to be even more successful in business. The case studies are interesting and entertaining and some I have watched over and over again. You are not aware of what you’ve learnt from the YBS Program until you come across problems in your business then you realize that you already know how to start fixing them. It helps you stay positive and believe you can do it no matter what the situation. The YBS Program has been a great investment.

Dawn Page – Work Stuff

“Business moving forward and direction on how to do it”

The Your Business Success Program has given me a sense of purpose with regards the business moving forward and a direction on how to do it.

Chris Mearns – Murdoch Webster Technology Group

Amanda Bennetts & Matthew Tallent from Bennetts Boots

“Made changes that have made money for the business”

Inspirational! Motivates you to get your act together. It makes you believe it can be done, no matter how tough things get. As a result we have made changes that have made money for the business.

Annette Kropp, Beyond Building – QLD

Matt Faulks from the Spectrum Group

“It has given us lots of ideas…”

The YBS Program has given us ideas on how to be a professional business rather than just a husband and wife home business. It has helped remind us about all the things that we should be doing that we weren’t. Also, it has given us lots of ideas on what specialists are out there that we can get in to help.

Karen Fisher, D.R.Fisher Building – ACT

“It has been invaluable to be able to…”

It is fantastic having a resource that you can refer to at any time to help you in your business. Also, it has been invaluable to be able to ring or email someone with a particular question to discuss a problem and get a different perspective and advice.

Carolyn Queale, SpySee Mystery Shopping and Reviews

“Get all those little points that you need in order to make a difference”

I have to admit I never thought I would get as much out the Your Business Success program as I did. You can learn something from every point that’s made but you really have to take away the stuff you think is relevant in your mind. I think they call it “gut feel”.

To get all those little points that you need in order to make a difference, you need to start with a lot. The program definitely achieves that.

Dwain Duxson, General Manager – Ausfarm Online

“Extremely useful…”

The Your Business Success program was extremely useful. I wanted lots of ideas and that is what I got!

Jim Vivian, Principal – Infocus Solutions Consulting

“The most comprehensive self paced business development tool that exists”

One of the most important issues I find when coaching small to medium business owners, or running my own business is having the tools to be able to keep the momentum going when no-one else is around to support or mentor you. Small business owners often have limited access to good resources and reputable experts. The YBS program is the most comprehensive self paced business development tool that exists in the Australian market. It is a fantastic resource for business owners to have access to an incredible amount of relevant and essential expertise and advice. The program is presented in good sized segments to allow business owners to reflect on their current practice and think carefully about what is the most important step to take next. It is one of the most empowering and useful programs I have come across and is a true investment in your own business success.

Kathy McKenzie, Director – FIRE UP Coaching

“I have got my money’s worth already…”

I found the Your Business Success Program so refreshing to go through as it was video based. I have read so many business books and feel this learning medium is exhausted. One of the best things I have learnt so far is from the ‘Be Inspired’ section of each DVD where I can watch interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

I found it important to observe how they conducted themselves; no cynicism, a very positive attitude to business. This is something I am going to emulate.

I also found it important to actually see for myself in person the recurring qualities of every successful entrepreneur – passion, fastidious attention to detail, humility, and an undying obsession with being the best. This is something you miss in the written form of business books out there. I don’t have anyone in person to lead me like this so it was great. I have got my money’s worth already.

Glen Walters, Project Manager – Accredited Certifiers

“Excellent tools for building the ‘business IQ’ of staff”

Any person with a passion for building a great business will draw inspiration and ideas from this program. I found it very easy to identify with the issues being canvassed – almost every managing director would have confronted them at some point. The DVDs, workbooks and supplementary materials were content rich, and what made learning easy is that the case studies each drew on real life business examples to illustrate their points. Business is not rocket science; it is the application of common sense solutions to commerce. I highly recommend this program to anyone involved in a leadership position in small or medium sized businesses. They are also excellent tools for building the “business IQ” of one’s staff.

Gary Cobbledick, Co-Founder, The Scribo Group,

Australia’s largest independent book distributor

“I now have a completely new business…”

I sat down thinking I was just going to watch 5 minutes but I found the content so engaging that 3 hours later I had 22 ideas on how to improve my business. I have since involved the team and we have implemented 16 of those ideas. I now have a completely new business, ready to tackle the year ahead.

Mat Faulks – Instyle Indoor Plant Hire

“Real businesses dealing with real issues…”

The Your Business Success Video Toolbox is a great tool, real businesses dealing with real issues – and you can select the issue most relevant to your business today.

Andrew Kent – Impact Data

“An essential education and reference tool”

The Your Business Success Program combines relevant, informative content in an easy to digest format. It’s an essential education and reference tool for any business.

Lindsay Thomas – NEWMARQ

“Inspirational and motivating … easily understandable advice”

The Your Business Success Program combines relevant, informative content in an easy to digest format. It’s an essential education and reference tool for any business.

Jon Vidler – Owner and Producer – Blue Horizons Television

“It’s great!”

The Your Business Success Program “saves you time; that is the big thing because you are so busy working IN your business and to go and find all that information is really hard. So I think the best part is the information is already there in the folder. And it is on video, you don’t have to read everything. It’s great!”

Amanda Bennetts – Bennetts Boots – WideCalfBoots.com.au

“A step by step program as you grow your business”

The program works really well because you can run through it as a step by step program as you grow your business and cross the T’s and dot the I’s as you go.

Matthew Tallent – Bennetts Boots – WideCalfBoots.com.au

Feedback from Viewers of the Your Business Success Television Series

As a small business owner, we need a guide or at least an option to ensure our success. By watching to your program I have been not only able to listen to your program’s suggestions but act upon them as well.”

Chris O – Queensland.

“One of my biggest challenges is staying motivated. Watching how other businesses overcome problems and succeed gives me the motivation to keep trying.”

Tim S – Victoria.

We would watch and take away ideas, sometimes just motivation or confidence that we were on the right track. We were also prompted to consider something we had overlooked.

Mary-Anne H – Queensland.

It is easy to watch the show with a pen and paper and take notes and ideas. It doesn’t take time out of my working day. It covers all kinds of scenarios I might not think of. It is my personal business PD (Professional Development time) every week!

Janet C – Queensland.

And it doesn’t matter what size business you are:

“I find the show gives the basics of business and is as applicable to large companies as it is to small businesses.”

Joe M – Victoria.

And with all this talk of a “recession” being on the way, these comments are particularly relevant:

By watching how other people started up their business’s and the pitfalls they encountered and how they overcame those pitfalls help’s your own thought process’s in how do I overcome these similar glitches in my business. What people need is positive stories. Constant negativity does not help anybody, not just necessarily business owners or operators and I really enjoyed the mentoring aspect of the show – other people unselfishly imparting their knowledge to help others who could one day be their business rivals.

Bernadette A – New South Wales.

It is inspiring and shows anything is possible for any business – for experienced or inexperienced. It has made us look at our business from different perspectives.

Allan S – Queensland

And the businesses we profile don’t have to be in your industry:

We are in a relatively niche market, however no matter what industry your business is in, there are a lot of similarities to other businesses, so it is great to be able to learn from them.

Darren L – Western Australia.

For some people, it meant they went into business for the first time:

I started watching Your Business Success before I jumped into my own business and I found it very motivating, inspirational and informative.

Dario P – South Australia.

I recently started a small business and after seeing the program I investigated the NEIS program, put myself through it and am now running a successful small business. I regularly take information from the show and put it into my business plan…. Worked a treat.

Jules H – New South Wales.

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