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The #1 reason for failure for CEOs, Business Owners and Managers is lack of systems and accountability

The Your Business Success software known as the ‘MAUS Hub’ is a suite of integrated software modules designed to help any business improve its ability to implement, align and communicate strategies.

Consider that less than 10% of strategies are successfully implemented and 70% of CEO failures are a result of poor execution. This is particularly true for small to medium sized businesses. MAUS Hub is designed to turn any business into a “high performance” organisation!

A complete Integrated cloud based management system for small to medium size business

“In my opinion, MAUS Hub offers a one-stop-shop solution – great management system and superb management support. MAUS Hub is easy to use, cost effective and the staff members are very supportive! I recommend the MAUS Hub to anyone looking to greatly improve their current business systems.”

Iris Brito, Live & Learn Environmental Education

Choose from any or all of the following modules below:

Business Planning Module

With the Business Planning module you can quickly and effectively create your business plan, and monitor your progress toward goals. One of the biggest problems a business will face when creating a business plan is a lack of systems and accountability to implement it into the business. The MAUS Hub gives you the system you need to ensure your staff are accountable to the goals and milestones you set.

  • Instantly develop and customise professional business plans and marketing plans.
  • Automatic generation of cashflow, profit and loss, break-even calculation.
  • Ideal for bank loan applications right through to setting strategic direction
  • Easy export as a PDF file, Microsoft Word file, or as an HTML (web) file.

“Not only was i able to generate some fantastic new marketing ideas for our business, i was able to prepare a comprehensive financial forecast in under an hour”.

Charles Wellington, OMEGA

Exit Strategies Module

The Exit Strategies Module educates business owners on the steps needed to prepare their business for sale. This product is vital for any business owner who is wanting to sell their business for its maximum sale price!

  • Improve the potential sale price of your busines.
  • Automatically creates a comprehensive “Exit Plan” based on the “Attractiveness” and “Readiness” index
  • Compiles the plan and then automatically calculates the score and graphs the gaps indicating the necessary action plan that is needed to increase the value of the business.

“There is nothing else on the market that provides the amount of content and resources in an easy to use format.”

David Lin, Apex Pacific

KPI Management Module

Align and monitor business strategies. The one page KPI (Key Performance Indicator) snapshot includes financial and non-financial KPI’s which are fully customisable to reflect your business strategy and model. This enables a monthly review of your strategy execution, successes and obstacles.

  • Keep your finger on the company’s pulse
  • Create an early warning system by analyzing KPI’s
  • Create accountability to goals and targets
  • Improve staff engagement.

Links to Xero & QuickBooks Software

“Use MAUS Hub and Xero together to automatically report on the most important aspects of your business.”

David Lin, Apex Pacific

Project / Deadline Management Module

Less than 10% of strategies are successfully executed in the average business. Keep your staff accountable, and receive a weekly email to remind you what tasks your staff are yet to complete.

  • Ensure accountability to deadlines
  • Turn your everyday meetings into a documented action plan
  • Automatically email your staff with deadline updates on a weekly basis – let the software sound like a broken record.
  • What gets measured gets done!

“I am impressed with the quality of your project planning tool… well done”.

David Lin, Apex Pacific

Job Descriptions Module (Coming Soon)

The Job Descriptions module is the only software that actually writes your position descriptions and advertisements for you! Using exclusive Intelli-Text technology, the software virtually writes and customises the descriptions for you in minutes. It even provides you with the tools to maximise each role how you see fit.

  • Create your own tailored job descriptions in minutes.
  • Or choose from a library of over 3,800 position templates.
  • Easily export to Microsoft Word, PDF and HTML.
  • Job advertisement writer & customisable interview questions.

“Very easy to use. MAUS Job Descriptions software saved me an enormous amount of time putting together my job descriptions. It gave my staff a clear, concise document that fully described their role in the business.”.

Barry Worthington, Konica Newcastle

Document Management Module

Every business has forms that employees need to access. The Document Manager module enables you to publish those forms into a central place. Research indicates staff turnover causes confusion over the location and correct versions of forms to use. The MAUS Hub solves this problem overnight.

  • Tidy up your company documents
  • Systemize your HR forms and workflow
  • Communicate to staff effectively
  • Keep documents up-to-date and visible

Performance Review Module

The Performance Review module was developed as a way of conducting employee reviews quickly and thoroughly. It allows companies to engage their employees using a secure, easy-to-use system that can be easily customised to suit the management process. Its designed to keep your staff on track with their performance whilst maintaining a strong focus on coaching development and areas to improve on in the future.

  • A comprehensive list of performance competencies.
  • The ability to rate employee performance in each area on a simple five-point scale.
  • Intelli-Text technology, so you can simply add performance elements and edit.

“Completely fulfilled my requirements and was easy to use”.

Tim James, Asia Pulp & Paper

Staff Planner Module

High performing employees are your greatest asset, however research shows 70% of staff are not engaged. These employees make up your biggest expense. Your business will not grow without converting your staff into high performers

  • Improve employee accountability
  • Increase employee engagement and productivity
  • Log employee attendance, leave, complaints, incidents, etc
  • Set budgets and targets
  • Maintain staff alignment to strategies and goals
  • Log company successes – awards, donations, testimonials,etc

“We have used the MAUS Hub within our business as a planning tool for managers and have found by writing down and then monitoring progress, staff have become focused on delivering the outcomes agreed. A great tool for our property business”

Stewart Nettleton, Legacy Property

Incident Manager Module

It is a legal obligation that your staff have access to an injury register for WHS/OHS! So, why not streamline things? The MAUS Incident Manager was developed as a system to accurately and efficiently log all incidents as they happen. Ensure all information is recorded to provide accurate details to administration, the HR department, insurance, a Government department etc.

Use the Remedial Actions segment to reflect on the situation and devise preventative actions for the future. It also means staff can enter details (in or out of the office) into the module as soon as accidents happen.

  • Identify all risks and Increase awareness
  • Log Incidents and Corrective Actions

“As a small to medium business (Hydroflo Solutions), we were constantly at odds with keeping up to date with ever changing OH&S regulations and managing our policies and procedures. The MAUS Hub has been a revelation for our business, providing OH&S Quality and Environmental solutions while addressing performance and accountability within our business. Simple to setup, with excellent interactive ‘webinar’ training, so easy to use and by far the most effective management tool on the market. Well worth the investment.”

Stewart Nettleton, Legacy Property

Training Manager Module

Ensuring that your managers and employees are properly trained is an important part of quality and compliance in general. As your business grows the task of tracking training becomes increasingly challenging. The MAUS Training Manager reduces this challenge by providing a log of scheduled training events, stored training records and certificate license expiry dates..

“I sincerely recommended this program to any business who is serious in maintaining quality standards. The Online Hub has provided an environment which culminates every component of our operation in one place. This was highly regarded by the auditor of our recent ISO9001 – Quality Systems re-registration, who was impressed by the ease of operation and the time saving qualities the program. I highly endorse this product”.

Kerrie Wade, Wade Vocational Training

Virtual CFO Module

The Virtual CFO module is the perfect tool for performing a comprehensive financial health audit on your business in minutes rather than hours. This tool provides you with a structured process to analyse your business and provide a detailed financial health check report.

This is a system for identifying how you can improve your profitability. It produces in depth business diagnostic reports and what if analysis to pin point effective strategies to improve the financial efficiency of the business. Financial modelling includes;

Step 1 – Cash Flow Analysis: unlock trapped value within a business.

Step 2 – Profitability Analysis: unlock potential profits within a business.

Step 3 – Revenue drivers: unlock sales potential within a business

Award Winning Software

The program won the ‘Best Software Product’ at the Australian Business Awards in its industry classification. The Australian Business Award for Best Software Product recognises market-leading software products that demonstrate overall product superiority offering a point of difference from their competitors.

Ms Tara Johnston, Program Director, says, “MAUS is a worthy recipient and has demonstrated a commitment to excellence that stands out amongst a dynamic field of Australia’s elite.”“The Australian Business Awards recognise our most innovative organisations, their outstanding achievements and contribution to the Australian economy. The awards raise the bar across all aspects of quality management and provide organisations with ways to review their business and product performance as well as identify their core strengths,” Ms Johnston adds.

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What our customers had to say…

“I spent over two years and 12 grand attempting to develop KPI’s for my business without success. By chance I came across Scorecard. I now have a KPI system for 20 staff across 4 departments. Scorecard offers me flexibility, great presentation, some pro-active management tools and a document management system, all for less than a tenth of what I’ve spent going it alone. I’d recommend this product to any SME”.
Steve Indersmith CEO – Peninsula Living magazines

“We have found the dashboard to be an invaluable tool already just in a few weeks of use, for the focus and direction of the team towards their KPI’s. Weekly meeting used to be about 8 managers fumbling through documents and paper work to determine their position, now we have their own divisional targets and objectives on one KPI snapshot . Post training the teams were delighted with the ease and use of the system, and we have just started to use the project tool to support specific tasks within the business. As a business owner the dashboard enables me not only to have one focal point for the business, but more importantly supports the field team in achieving their KPI’s. I would have no hesitation in recommending this critical tool to any business owner small or large.”
Richard Sheppard MD- National Height Safety& Access Solutions.

“The MAUS Hub provides accountability with my clients and is great tool for team focus and motivation. It is an easy to use tool and fully customisable”.
Matt Jones MD – Jones Consulting Group

“Just wanted to thank you for the way you conduced the training session on Wednesday. The conference call linked with the screen view was simple to participate in and your knowledgeable demonstration was clear and easy to follow. I started using the Hub following your session, a fantastic tool!”
Brett May. Director – The Big Kitchen Group

“We have been using the KPI dashboard software since being introduced to it by our business coach in 2010. Being a sales & manufacturing business it helps us to plan for changes as well as monitor progress on specific projects.Whilst initially seeing the software as a simple reporting tool, we now use it to keep track of all aspects of the business especially sales forecasting .It’s hard to imagine not having a system like dashboard in place this now we have been using it for so long.”
John Sellars MD – Oakwood Kitchens

“We have used the MAUS Hub within our business as a planning tool for managers and have found by writing down and then monitoring progress, staff have become focused on delivering the outcomes agreed. A great tool for our property business”
Stewart Nettleton, Chief Operating Officer – Legacy Property

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