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Our Coaching Success Program will help you to reach your goals and reap the rewards.

Take the guess work out of your business decisions.

Have you ever wondered why some businesses limp along from day to day, while others grow into substantial and extraordinarily profitable operations?

Our organisation works with managers and owners of small and medium businesses to get great results that we guarantee.

Our philosophy is simple; a business should be in a ‘sale-ready’ condition whether you intend to sell it or not. This simply means that the business is working well, has happy staff and customers, is profitable, has opportunities for growth and is not overly dependant on you for day to day operations. Our business coaches and this package can help you to permanently fix your current business problems and get you running the business you’ve always dreamed of running.

Our one of a kind business coaching success program is the most efficient, professional and affordable way to improve your business knowledge and get results. Don’t waste any more time guessing. Learn the secrets of business success from Australia’s most accomplished business men and women.

What is included in the program?

The MAUS Your Business Success program provides the guidance as well as the tools to help you to build a successful business. It includes;

Success Workbook: The 165 page program guide includes step by step guides, checklists & more. Follow the workbook to success.

Software: The workbook is great but it is all just fluff unless it is implemented. That is why the program is built around a powerful software program to lock in your performance. The modules include KPI Dashboard, Project Planning, Document Management, Performance management modules and more. Includes licence rights for up to 10 of your staff or contractors to use the software.

Resources: Because one person cannot know everything, Your Business Success brings together information and advice gathered from 84 of Australia’s top entrepreneurs, 200+ business professionals and over 11,000 hours of business coaching interactions with other small to medium business owners. We have placed within your web based training platform access to some key highlights from this program as well as hundreds of small to medium sized business articles. The end result of this comprehensive program is a successful outcome for you and your business, guaranteed!

Diagnostics: A full set of diagnostics, business, financial& systems health checks.

Mentoring: Receive mentoring in the first month to give you an instant headstart. We also lock you and your staff into free training as part of the subscription.

Qualified business advice and information on demand

It’s accepted that every business will have a dozen or more issues, but in general there are three or four ‘make or break’ problems that stop you reaching your goals. The biggest issue of course is that ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’. In other words, while there are proven solutions to your problems you may not know the right questions to ask to find them. Instead, business owners will often resort to guess work and ‘band-aid’ solutions so they end up putting out the same fires over and over again. Does this cycle sound familiar to you?

Our business coaching program can help you to break this vicious cycle.

YourBusinessSuccess program profile

The YourBusinessSuccess program is backed by a nationally marketed initiative and a methodology and consulting software that has been tried and tested over the last 20 years. The Your Business Success methodologies could accelerate your business earnings.

Why re-invent the wheel……who is our organisation?

MAUS Business Systems is the publisher of the Your Business Success program, Our brand has had over 20 years experience in this market and we have spent millions of dollars on our technology that is the back-end to one of the most successful consulting models in the world. The founder of the business, Peter Hickey built his own successful business that grew quite rapidly. The business was sold to a multi-national.

You could take advantage of our Step by Step methodology, our complete training, support and marketing package. We will even provide you with a free session to one of our business coaches as part of the program.

Simple Success methodology – Stunning results:

Implementing our systems will deliver stunning results for your business. Our proven 7-Step Process locks in performance improvements at each stage that add up dramatic improvements to the bottom line. And because our consulting software is wrapped into the system it makes it simple for your clients to implement. …..help your clients and build a monthly business advisory fee..

Nationally marketed – Over 60,000 businesses have purchased the MAUS systems around the world

The brand, concept and methodology of the consulting and SME success program is being marketed in magazines, through direct marketing email and web marketing campaigns, reaching over 500,000 targeted small-medium sized business owners.

Snapshot of companies that purchased MAUS software


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"One of the best decisions I have made for the business" Geoff Connor – Epping Electrical



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