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Become a Strategic Partner to the “Your Business Success” program

The partnership program is one of the most powerful aspects of “Your Business Success”. An association, institute, or company can offer YBS membership to their members or clients. This is a chance to partner up with us and work out an offering that will ultimately result in a value add / benefit to your members. It’s a great opportunity to get your members some free resources from the program.

Is it time for you to tempt members to renew their subscription? Or do you want to ‘stand out from the crowd’ from your competitors? Then the “Your Business Success” partnership program is the perfect solution.

Mini MBA

Your members will also receive free access to Mini-MBA Exit Strategy and Profit Improvement Program; plus access to free software downloads, plus other business tips and resources. Updates will be sent every 21 days. There are 72 MiniMBA newsletters.

The program covers all aspects of the business ranging from Business Strategies right through to Exit and Succession planning. This includes:

  1. Providing members with a practical understanding in a range of business strategies.
  2. Taking the theory included in most MBAs and provide business managers with a range of practical management tools.
  3. Providing members with an understanding of the big picture and to show how strategies from all management disciplines can blend into one cohesive business strategy.
  4. Translating each area of theory into practical “step-by-step” action plans.
  5. Developing management skills that will assist members to become influential business leaders
  6. Providing a greater insight into an organisation and stimulate the development of a set of best practices.

The cost to your organisation…..FREE

The Your Business Success program provides tools as a ‘gift’ to your members. This will help you value add to your membership. The programs proven methodology and marketing tips will not only help your members fasttrack their business but unleash a new lease of life on how to become a successful business owner. You will be able to offer a FREE three month subscription worth $390 to your members and you will be recognised as an official Your Business Success sponsor. Its up to your members whether they decide to continue with the program there after. Members will recognise their association has been a leading hand in the development of their business, which will reflect as valuable contribution made by your association in the community/industry.

Whats Included?

Each association is able to provide their members with $390 worth of value to the program. Your Business Success has developed membership based information kits including letters, presentations and coupon codes that can be mailed to all their members. This enables association members to 3 months access to the program which includes:

Workbook: The 165 page program guide includes step by step guides, checklists & more.

Software: A powerful easy to use software program to lock in your performance. Includes KPI Dashboard, Project Planning, Document Management, Performance management modules and more. Includes licence rights for 10 users.

Diagnostics: A full set of diagnostics, business, financial& systems health checks.

Resources: Receive access to training, videos & articles on how to improve your business.

Mentoring: Receive mentoring in the first month to give you an instant headstart. We also lock you and your staff into free training as part of the subscription.

Contact “Your Business Success” to find out how you can offer exceptional value to your members and clients…

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